Welcome to Taurus. This is where innovation lives. Where rugged craftsmanship meets next generation design and engineering. Where uncompromising ingenuity drives a thriving, global brand. At Taurus, we continue to evolve and to adapt to our customers’ ever-changing needs. You’ll find our dedication to quality, reliability and value has never been stronger as we push traditional thinking to the limits—and well beyond.

Taurus Holdings manufactures various models of Taurus firearms at it’s Bainbridge, Georgia facilities such as the Taurus Judge, taurus spectrum, taurus tx22, taurus 856, taurus g3, taurus g2c, Taurus Spectrum .380, taurus 605, taurus curve, taurus 692, taurus tx 22, taurus Pt111, Taurus C45 Thunderbolt and many others. We employ over three hundred skilled workers and staff, who support manufacturing, importation, service, sales and marketing of Taurus and subsidiary branded firearms. Taurus was founded in 1924 as a tool making company, but began producing guns as Taurus Arms in 1941. Initially designed similar to popular revolvers from Smith & Wesson, the Brazilian company began exporting their guns to the US in 1953. Today, Taurus produces some of the best fan-favorite guns like the Taurus Judge and the taurus tx22. Taurus is also known for producing the taurus g3 and the taurus g2c. In 1984, Taurus Holdings made an announcement that had a tremendous impact on the entire industry. Taurus Holdings became the first company to offer its customers an unqualified LIFETIME REPAIR POLICY. This changed the course of the company in the U.S. market. Only recently has this policy been matched. It has never been exceeded. This innovative policy made everyone sit up and take notice of Taurus brand firearms.

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The Taurus Model 38101SO was the company’s first entry into the revolver market in 1941 and in 1968, Taurus began importing revolvers to the U.S. market.

In 1971 a majority stake in Taurus was purchased by the parent company of Smith & Wesson, which lead to the two firearms manufacturers sharing design and manufacturing details up until they split in 1977 when Taurus was sold to its current owners. 

The Taurus 856 model is a lightweight, easy-to conceal handgun. It carries a 6-round capacity within its 2-inch barrel and has single and double-action. The entire piece is 6.5 inches long and weighs a mere pound when unloaded.



Taurus combines the talents of a highly-skilled workforce and groundbreaking technology to deliver some of the most robust and reliable handguns available in the U.S. market. From classic single-action revolvers to innovative semi-auto pistols, Taurus handguns arewell-suited for concealed carry, hunting, and home defense.

The new Taurus Spectrum .380 pocket pistol takes concealed-carry gun design to a new level. The double-action-only Taurus Spectrum .380 has a 2.8-inch barrel. Its magazine capacity is six or seven rounds, and it comes with two magazines. The seven-rounder has an extended base pad that serves as a grip extension. 



There haven’t been any fresh-from-the-factory Taurus C45 Thunderbolt’s available since 2010, but it was one of the most popular pump-action rifles sold in 2020. It is chambered in .45 Colt and features a tubular magazine with a capacity of 14 cartridges. The guns have a hardwood stock, and metalwork is either finished in Sundance Blue, polished stainless and color casehardened.

The rear sights are authentic Buckhorn style and the barrels are button rifled. The curved crescent buttplate gives it a distinctive and timeless look and, for added safety, the external hammer has a de-cocking button and the gun came with the Taurus Security System lock.




The Taurus Judge  is a compact frame revolver. It has been brought to the market in 2009 and has been produced and distributed ever since. It is chambered in .45/.410 Cal. It has a DA/SA trigger and a trigger actuated transfer bar safety. The Taurus company markets the Judge as a self defense handgun and delivers an option for it to be chambered in .410 bore shells. Although the National Firearms Act of 1934 doesn’t classify the Taurus Judge as a shotgun, California state law does, which means, that this revolver is illegal to posses.

The Taurus Judge has a cylinder that can hold 5 rounds, it has a fair concealability and a great stopping power. The variations of the revolver include frames made of blue finished steel, stainless steel, steel and aluminium alloy. The grips are made of black rubber. The barrel lengths of the Taurus Judge vary, they are 2’’, 3’’ and 6.5’’.





Founded initially as a tool and die forging plant in southern Brazil in 1939, over the years, Taurus has forged its way as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of small arms. 

Taurus produced their first revolver in 1941, and in 1968, began exporting revolvers into the U.S. In 1970, a portion of Taurus was purchased by Bangor Punta, which also owned Smith & Wesson at the time. In 1980, Beretta’s contract to manufacture small arms for the Brazilian Army came to an end, and Taurus purchased Beretta’s Brazilian plant, which included drawings, tools, and machinery previously owned by Beretta.

Taurus employed a highly skilled workforce and set out to make improvements to Beretta’s designs. What resulted was the creation of the renowned PT-22 and PT-99, among other jewels. Soon after that, in 1984, Taurus delivered an industry first by offering an unqualified lifetime repair policy. Although other companies have since matched the policy, it has never been exceeded.

Taurus Holdings, Inc. has made its home in Florida since 1982 and employs more than 300 skilled workers and staff at that plant. Taurus Holdings, Inc. consists of three subsidiaries. These include Taurus International Manufacturing, Braztech International (Rossi), and Heritage Manufacturing. Together, they produce some of the world’s most reliable and robust firearms, with an array of options, from classic single-action revolvers to the most modern semi-automatic pistols.

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